Services and Process Capabilities


CNC mills With 18 CNC turning centers and 19 CNC machining centers in our plant, Dompas has the capability and versatility of manufacturing a wide variety of precision machined parts. From small to large volume work to one off samples and prototypes to batch or lot runs of mass production. Our turning centers can handle work up to 36" diameter work and over 60" between centers. Our CNC lathes are equipped to perform rapid chucking work, barfeeding, and live tooling. Our CNC machining centers can handle up to 105" of travel in x-axis, up to 4-axis, and up to 50 horsepower. Please refer to equipment listing for more details.


CNC millsOur conventional machining services include custom tool and die work, jig and fixture design and construction, precision tool and cutter sharpening and grinding along with many secondary and finishing operations and processes; including threading (both roll and cut thread), multi-spindle secondary drilling operations, broaching, centerless and cylindrical grinding, surface and internal grinding, honing, and vibratory finish.


Our grinding capabilities include:

  • Centerless grinding (both thru-feed and infeed) up to 8" diameter work
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Internal grinding
  • Tool and form grinding and cutter sharpening

Grinding Grinding


robotOur welding facilities are equipped with both manual welding machines (mig and tig) as well as automated robotic welding cells with positioners to handle up to 6-axis. Welding material capabilities include steel (mild, alloy, heat treated), stainless, and aluminum. We also have heated ovens to preheat materials for weldment preparation.


Our induction hardening services can accommodate part diameters up to 6" and lengths up to 44" for round solid parts. Flat profile patterns can also be induction hardened. With 300 kilowatts of power available along with dual frequency both shallow and/or deep case depths can be produced. Tempering can also be performed to complete the induction hardening process.

induction hardening



With 4 production bandsaw cutting machines, Dompas has to capability and versatility to saw cut many grades, shapes and sizes of metal cutting. With dual column machines equipped with bundle cutting attachments, large volumes at mass production can be produced up to 18" size capacity. Random bar lengths up to 40 feet can be accommodated.


AvengerOur profile cutting services can provide both plasma and oxy-fuel. Our 1000 amp conventional plasma head has the capability to cut up to 4" thick stainless plate and 2.5" carbon steel and aluminum. Our 100 amp high definition plasma head can cut up to 1/2" in thickness and maintain tolerances to within +/- 1/64". Plasma cutting can be performed both dry or submerged (under water) to accommodate different materials and applications.

Our oxy-fuel stations are equipped with 6 torches. Dual cutting tables both dry (downdraft) and wet (water submerged) provide flexible means of cutting production at both low and high volume. Programmable software is utilized to nest and model shapes in 2D and/or 3D for speed, accuracy and job costing.


Other services that can be provided include:

  • Laser cutting
  • Heat treatment
  • Metal finishing plating
  • Shot blasting
  • Stamping/punching
  • Painting